Building A Better Cash Flow For Surveyor Suppliers

Posted: 26th July 2024

As a supplier to the construction industry, we know full well how time critical your business is.

Your clients are buying in bulk, big orders, and lots of them. Summer is naturally your busiest time, with stock literally flying in and out as building companies need construction materials, tools and supplies, now!

Yet can you afford to re-stock?
The demand is good for business, but not if you can’t afford to restock. If you haven’t got the right stock your customers will simply go somewhere else.

* How do you afford to restock when customers are slow to pay and you’ve exhausted your working capital?

* Well, let us tell you how.

How can you get help in managing your cash flow?
Selective invoice factoring specifically for the construction supplier industry.

What is selective invoice factoring?
Essentially, it’s ongoing cash flow funding which means you don’t ever have to worry again about your customers paying late (yes, we know your terms might be 30 days, but we also know their terms are more like 60, 90 days plus!).

Selective invoice factoring brings HUGE benefits to businesses like yours:

  • Payment on your chosen invoices within 24hrs!

We advance to you 90% of each issued invoice by the next day. The remaining 10% being paid to you when the invoice is settled by your customer.

  • You can dip in and out of the facility as and when it suits you, so covering you in those seasonal highs and lows, choosing which invoices you factor.

Selective invoice discounting is the ideal cash flow solution for those businesses, such as suppliers to the construction industry that have seasonal highs and lows, and financial ups and downs.

"As a small business factoring helped my Surveying Company deal with late payers." SL Westville Associates.

Selective invoice factoring for suppliers to the building industry is flexible and fast!

* It’s flexible – choose which invoices you put through the factoring facility.

* It’s fast – 90% paid to you within 24hrs!

* It’s easy – simply upload the invoice you want to factor on our online portal. Once approved, we advance 90%. Your customer will pay us, which means you don’t have to chase them. Once they’ve paid, you’re paid the remaining 10%.

* It’s transparent – with no hidden charges, there’s a transparent one off fee chargeable to each invoice.

* What’s more, there’s no lock in to a long term finance facility.

Here at Macla Money, we know how much outlay is needed to restock; especially when demand is high in peak periods. We also know that that finding cash to maintain stock levels can be impossible when your customers pay on their terms and not yours.

Time is money and money is time – that’s why our turn around on agreeing your selective invoice factoring facility is quick and simple. So get in touch today and discover how simple it is to secure fluid cash flow for your business.