Is Your Business Prepared For The Approaching Storm?

Posted: 13th June 2024

The last few months have been turbulent for politics and business alike, who knows which way the wind will blow…?

but in an uncertain world we can provide some certainty.

Many businesses are living nervously in the shadow of Brexit, anxious over the UK’s position in the single market, trade opportunities and future contracts. An anxiety that isn’t exclusive for large businesses with European connections. No, in fact many SME businesses are worried over the fall out and how it will affect them.

And just when you didn’t think it could get any worse...

... then comes along the snap General Election. With last week’s disastrous results – regardless of who you voted for – now financial worries closer to home are added to your list of woes.

You’re not alone. Heads of industry are concerned over how the new coalition Government will target businesses, especially SMEs.

Even if your business is riding out the storm, what’s to say your suppliers and customers are doing the same?

That’s why, in these uncertain times, we at Macla Money can provide peace of mind when it comes to managing cash flow, invoice payments, bad debt and credit support. Even with an unsettled hung Parliament, your business finances won’t be ‘hung’ out to dry with our factoring solutions.

Factoring from Macla got our vote” says Jamie Elliott, Director of Onsite Labour Solutions, who has been using invoice factoring from us for over 8 years.

Political Uncertainty Doesn’t Faze Us
In our solid 19 year history, we’ve ridden out various political storms, including two recessions; providing consistent and unsurpassable support to our clients, tailoring our financial products to best meet their business needs. We don’t lend to big business, our clients range between sales turnovers of £100,000 to £6m, and we’ve supported hundreds of SME businesses, ensuring that they have the cash flow to see them through the hard times as well as the good.

Ocean Colour Print is another client who has been using our print factoring services for over 18 years. Director, Wendy Osborn, says, “Regardless of what Government is running the country, I know Macla are helping me to run my cash flow effectively.”

Just as many of the electorate switched sides in this election, so too did our client, Frontera London. Having used us for many years for their factoring they decided to move all of their banking needs under ‘one roof’, only to come back to us months later. They were disillusioned by their bank’s impersonal and inflexible attitude towards their cash flow needs. Director, Craig Mills, says, Having an invoice factoring solution that we could adapt and modify has meant we are getting the very most out of this finance arrangement.”


Best Client and Staff Retention In the Industry
Unlike political parties, with PMs and MPs changing on an all too regular basis, creating instability, we have the best client and staff retention figures in the business!

That’s because we care for our staff members so they stay with us. As a result our committed team care for their customers, providing award winning service.

So much so, one of the most highly respected magazines in our industry, Business Money magazine, recently voted us as ‘Best Smaller Invoice Financier 2024’, stating “Business Money award winner Macla epitomises everything that the SME owner manager seeks in terms of relationship finance, with 16% sales growth achieved through rock solid excellence.”

The award suits our own mission statement (or if we were running for office, our manifesto) of that with the big banks dominating the market, we may not be the biggest but we do want to be the best!’

Our clients stay with us too. We have clients in the publishing industry who have been with us for over 9 years, clients in the construction industry who have been with us for over 16 years and the transport industry for over 10 years!

Worried About Customers Taking Longer to Pay?
The natural reflex of any business to uncertainty is caution. This means that big businesses look to build cash reserves and one of the easiest ways to do that is to slow payments to suppliers. Remember in the 90s recession, Michael Heseltine, then Deputy Prime Minister, admitted that he had delayed the payment of bills as a businessman to avoid going bust! Who ends up taking the pressure? Of course, it’s Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses.

But there is a solution to slow payers. Our invoice factoring services work by paying you 90% of your issued invoice value within 24 hours, regardless of how long it takes your customers to pay. We can chase the payment from your clients – or if you’d prefer them not to know of our involvement our invoice discounting is for you whereby our service is completely confidential. You are then paid the balance 10% once the invoice payment has cleared. This frees up your cash flow. Your books remain in the black. You have money for investment and growth without the worry of late payment from slow paying clients.

So whatever your line of business, if you are issuing invoices with credit terms, we can help. Get in touch today and see how our invoice factoring and invoice discounting can help your business ride out the rough times with the smooth.


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