Looking for Cashflow peace of mind?- 'In Case Of Need' facility

Posted: 14th November 2024

Looking for Cashflow peace of mind?

Try Macla’s ICON Facility

Let us introduce ICON, our ‘In Case of Need’ facility.

This innovative funding facility gives SME businesses the peace of mind that should they ever need access to funds in an emergency situation it is available within 24hours!

Ever heard of the saying “prevention is better than cure”?  Well, ICON is a bit like that. By putting ICON in place, your business has the funding reserve in place to deal with unexpected emergency situations.

The funding facility is arranged upon setting up the ICON facility – advances range between £50,000 and £500,000. There is no commitment to draw on the cash reserves – the aim is to provide you with the reassurance that large sums of money are accessible in an instant, should they ever be needed. 

Arranging ICON is easy...

  • Arrange your Macla ICON facility with our experienced team, agreeing how much emergency cash reserves you’d like access too.

           - Choose from an amount between £50,000 and £500,000.

  • A small, nominal monthly fee is charged to the account.
  • When an emergency cash situation arises you draw down however much of the facility you require.

          - This is transferred to you within 24hrs.

  • Funds can be repaid at anytime.
  • The minimal monthly fee is then reinstated as the facility reactivates.  

The ICON facility appeals to start-ups and established businesses alike.   
Here at Macla Money we have many businesses who like to be prepared for seasonal highs and lows and use ICON as and when they need instant access to additional funding.  We also have other businesses that have the facility for peace of mind having yet to draw down funds from it.  What price can you put on financial security?

No business has a crystal ball that can predict large bills. 
Unexpected expenditure and costs can come out of the blue at any time – perhaps a vital piece of equipment fails, an unexpected tax bill is demanded or a run of bad luck has simply lasted too long.  Either way, with a prearranged ICON cash advance, a business will be able to draw their funds within 24hrs. 

Cost Effective
The beauty of this funding is that your cashflow facility is already in place.  It is yours whenever you need it.  You aren’t arranging expensive funding in a panic, when you are in that emergency cash situation. Nor are you paying back loan capital, plus interest, that is sat in the bank waiting to be used ‘just in case’.  ICON is a cost effective way of gaining access to cash in a hurry.

So call us today and see how easy it is to arrange complete financial peace of mind with our ‘In Case of Need’ facility.