Recruitment Agency Finance

Posted: 23rd May 2024

Recruitment factoring and recruitment invoice discounting are finance payroll services that enable recruitment agencies to draw up to 90% cash on all of their issued invoices.

With no fixed assets, recruitment agencies can find financing and funding hard to come by, with traditional bank offerings often rigid and inflexible. It’s seldom right for an industry that has such frequent outgoings – day and weekly contractors - and less frequent payment – 60 day + terms from clients. That’s why recruitment invoice factoring and recruitment invoice discounting are the fastest growing finance options for the recruitment industry.

Whether you choose our invoice factoring service, which funds your invoices and provides you with a dedicated credit control service; or our invoice discounting payroll funding service, which provides all the benefits of invoice factoring but is completely confidential to your clients, you have complete peace of mind that your cash flow is fluid and in the black every day, every month, every year.

It’s fast.
From a meeting with our finance sales team, you’ll have a simple and transparent agreement drawn up for you within days.

It’s effective.
You can effectively manage your cash flow because we pay up to 90% of each of your invoices you’ve issued on the very same day!

It’s stress free.
Who wants the stress of juggling weekly temp staff wages out, overheads out, invoices out but still no monies in? We will pay you on the same day as you pass on your issued invoices meaning you don’t need to stress over cash flow for monies tied up in unpaid invoices.

It’s Cost Effective.
Our highly competitive fees, with no minimum monthly charges, for our tailor made recruitment agency finance packages mean our services are ideal for both start up agencies and larger, more established companies.

No Upfront Costs.
With no upfront costs your agency won’t need to find valuable funds you don’t have, or funds that have been set aside for unforeseen business changes, overheads and so forth.

Industry Experts!
Here at Macla Money we are recruitment agency finance experts. We know the trials and tribulations agencies encounter when it comes to managing cash flow. That’s why we are a proud partner of The Employment Agents Trade Body (TEAM) – the UK’s largest network of independent recruiters offering advice and benefits to the employment industry.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Here, Paul Sherman, Liquid Recruitment Solutions Ltd, explains how Macla Money helped his recruitment agency, We have never looked back! The support and guidance we have received has resolved all the legacy problems we were left with (from a bad experience with a funder) and now we can concentrate on growing the business, knowing we have Macla behind us all the way. We cannot thank Macla enough.”

Need help with your back office admin too? Ask us about our specialist PayFactory service. Our elite PayFactory service offers a complete administration solution for recruitment agencies, including payroll management and credit control.

Get in touch today. You can also read about our PayFactory service on this blog too – check out our article called ‘Recruitment Riches’.  


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