Say ‘Adios' to Late Paying Customers

Posted: 22nd August 2024

It’s summer time!

A time for kicking back, relaxing, enjoying the sun and getting away from it all.

If only... do you find yourself feeling harassed, stressed out and worrying about cash flow due to the busy summer months?

Are you struggling to keep your stock levels up as your working capital dwindles thanks to late paying customers?

As the majority of people relax in the summer holidays, jetting off to sunnier climes and relaxing in the sun, many suppliers to the construction industry find it one of the most stressful times of the year.

Late paying customers, who then go off on their holidays not having paid, often means that already extended 60 day terms turn to 90 days plus.

Well fear not!
Macla Money’s invoice factoring options are at hand to provide instant cash relief, within 24hrs, on your issued invoices.

Just check out how easy it is to keep your bank balance fluid, thanks to an ongoing cash flow funding facility, known as invoice factoring, for construction suppliers...

*  Issue your invoice as normal.

*  Here you have a number of choices as to how to set up your factoring facility:

     * Invoice factoring – together, we manage your funding and credit control through your tailored factoring scheme.

     * Selective invoice factoring – whereby you only factor invoices as and when you need and want to. This takes into account seasonal highs and lows, so for suppliers to the construction industry this service is particularly beneficial during these busy summer months.

     * Invoice discounting – works in the same convenient way as invoice factoring but our involvement is completely confidential and your customers will not know of our arrangement.

* Upload your invoices to us online.

* We pay 90% within 24hrs (balance follows).

*  You receive payment whilst we manage the credit control side of the invoice to ensure payment from your client.

* You receive the remaining 10% balance once we have received payment from your customer.

This results in guaranteed working capital for your business – a measure on your efficiency and financial health by your creditors, bank and even some customers – throughout the year!

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our award winning, invoice factoring specialists today and say ‘Adios’ to the burden of late paying customers. Instead, say ‘hola’ to ongoing cash flow relief and a stress free summer!