Stop Press Finance Solutions for the Print Industry

Posted: 20th June 2024



Stop Press Finance Solutions for the Print Industry

Calling all printers...

Do you want to secure discounts from your paper and ink suppliers?

Do supplier credit limits restrict your business?

Imagine having the funds to pay suppliers early in order to release credit limits and secure bigger discounts.

Imagine still, having the funds to invest in the latest printing technologies; keeping ahead of the game in a difficult market.

But hang on; you can’t can you, thanks to slow paying clients. Your cash flow is up one minute and down the next, making it hard to manage your working capital for suppliers, wages, investment and expansion.

But wait. STOP PRESS. There is a way. The Macla Money way!

Thanks to our invoice financing facilities, that release cash on issued invoices, you can receive payment the very same day!

PLUS we have arrangements with print suppliers that enable us to pay them directly, thereby releasing credit limits and giving you discounts for early payment.

Check it out - no financial jargon (just a bit of yours...) just plain and simple facts for you to see how easy it is to keep on top of your finances.

Here at Macla we know the hard times printers are currently facing...

  • Raw material costs are soaring.

  • Demand is lower.

  • Competition is high.

  • Your upfront costs are huge.

  • Your cash flow reserves are small.

  • Your clients are feeling the pinch and as a result their payment terms on your invoices regularly hit 90 days; some even 120 days!

Now because we understand your business, we understand the need for you to have access to money. We also know that good, lucrative clients can be slow payers, but we don’t believe that should hinder your business. We totally get that there’s a risk to chasing clients – with invoice factoring there are no uncomfortable conversations to be had with valuable customers and no relationships to jeopardise.

That’s why our invoice factoring for printers works in the way it does. You can get payment for the jobs you’ve completed within hours.

Now, we know you’re no dummy, but let us explain in the simplest of ways how it all works...

  • You issue your invoice to your client

  • You send us a copy of said invoice

  • We pay you up to 90% of that invoice within 24 hours

  • We chase payment of said invoice from your customer

  • Once that invoice is paid we pay you the remaining 10%

  • In short, we are simply bridging the gap between you waiting to get paid and paying
    your bills

And if you’d prefer for your customers not to know of our arrangement then that’s not a problem either. Simply use our Confidential Invoice Discounting solution – here you manage your own credit control and your customers are unaware of the financing facility.

We can even offer a solution that works on an invoice-by-invoice basis – Selective Invoice Finance - ideal for those larger projects that are seasonal or ad hoc.

We know time is very much of the essence in your business so we react quickly. Your tailored solution is ready to proof in weeks. Ready for your sign off; with or without any author’s corrections you might want to add in. From then, it’s on press and you’re off; having secured fluid cash flow and working capital.

Award Winning Customer Service
Our tailored printer factoring finance solutions come with the personal touch. We know how frustrating it is when you contact a huge call centre who has no idea who you are, let alone what you are. That’s why you’ll be assigned a dedicated Client Manager. We care about service, believing a good relationship between us is key to both our success. Our customer service is second to none – we’ve even won awards for it! And as a market leader in factoring finance for printing companies our products are second to none too.

Size Doesn’t Matter
Whatever your size of business – whether you’re a larger A0 or a smaller A7 – we can help. Whether you’re a start up or established – we can help.

Our invoice factoring and invoice discounting don’t require you to secure personal assets. We’re more flexible than traditional money lending options, such as bank loans and overdrafts. And with advances for the printing industry of £50,000 to £500,000 your books will always be mono print – black and white; no full colour red to be seen!

With no long term contracts, our honest, open and transparent service won’t bleed you dry. Instead, our printer finance solutions are tight and trim, allowing you to finance your print company on ‘real’ money you are actually owed, money you will be paid but that takes time to come in.

So what are you waiting for? Meet that cash flow deadline today by getting in touch. We won’t bombard you with finance jargon, just open and honest help and advice on invoice factoring and invoice discounting for the print industry.  


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