ICON or “In Case Of Need” is a unique finance facility that provides business clients with an invoice finance funding facility at minimal ongoing charges that can be drawn down within 24 hours. The facility is secured against a company’s debtor assets and provides funding of up to 80% of a company’s outstanding invoices.

How does ICON invoice finance work?

A telephone call with one of our managers to discuss your business and find out whether ICON is suitable.

A visit from one of our corporate managers to gather information and explain how the facility operates.

We provide a detailed offer of an ICON facility.

If our offer is acceptable to you, we carry out our due diligence. This normally takes 2-3 hours at your offices.  We may request a small commitment fee at this stage.

Macla formally sanction the terms and conditions of the facility and legal agreements are sent.

 STEP 6:
OPTION 1:  We set up the facility which will run in the background.  You notify us when you wish to draw down against the facility.  We only require 24 hours notice for an initial draw down.

OPTION 2:    An agreement is put in place and guaranteed for 12 months.  We still require the facility to be set up and this will normally take 3-5 days.


  • There are two sets of charges:
  1. A ‘tick over’ charge which is a small fixed monthly fee. This is charged until the facility is drawn down.
  2. Upon drawdown we charge a monthly administration charge and daily interest on the amount advanced.
  • All charges are agreed before commencement of the facility.


  • You will need to be a trading business with sales turnover in excess of £1,000,000. 
  • Your debtors must be free from any charges (unless we redeem your existing borrowings).
  • You need to be selling business-to-business.

What to do next