Confidential Invoice Discounting

The advantages of Invoice Discounting are that you get immediate access to funds and as your business grows the facility automatically increases in line with your sales turnover.
The difference between this and Invoice Factoring is that you handle the credit control and the service is confidential - your customers are unaware of the facility. 


Diagram for Invoice Discounting

6 Simple Steps to Confidential Invoice Discounting

1. You deliver your goods or services and invoice your customer as normal.

2. You send us a copy of the invoice (uploaded via our online portal).

3. We make available up to 90% of the invoice value (including VAT). You decide how much you want to draw down and we transfer funds into your bank account the same day.

4. Your customer pays into a trust account in your name.

5. Funds are transferred to us.

6. The balance (10%) is released to you.

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