Instant Cash Flow in Less Than 1 Minute

Posted: 15th August 2024

That’s right, in 1 minute learn how to get near instant payment on your issued invoices through invoice factoring.  That’s instant and manageable cash flow to retain a healthy bank balance; and have monies available for new projects, expansion and financial security; all in less than 1 minute.

So, stop watches at the ready!

Ready, steady, go...

Invoice UK factoring - this simple cash flow solution enables you to receive payment on raised invoices within 24hrs.

  • ·         You raise your invoice to your customer.
  • ·         You send us a copy.
  • ·         Through your invoice SME factoring we pay you 90% of your invoice within 24hrs.
  • ·         We chase your client on your behalf.
  • ·         Once they’ve paid, we pay you the 10% balance.

If you’d rather your customers didn’t know of our involvement, simply opt for invoice discounting – this confidential facility works in exactly the same way but just means our arrangement is exactly that, confidential!

Only need to dip in and out of invoice factoring? Then selective invoice factoring – a short term factoring option - is for you. If seasonal highs and lows hit your business choose when you need us, what invoices you want to put through; and again, we’ll pay 90% advances within 24hrs and the balance upon full payment.  

There’s no more waiting for late paying customers or being forced into long payment terms to secure business from your clients.

Plus, there’s no stress over the credit control admin either as we do this for you. 

Stop the clock!

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