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Invoice Finance for Transport Businesses    

Invoice Finance for Transport 

Fuel bills don't wait to get paid, nor do wages, insurances or repairs.

And yet the transport industry has one of the slowest customer payment profiles in the UK.

This can be a lethal combination, particularly for a growing business. Managing your cashflow is a vital part of managing your transport business.

Invoice Finance gives you immediate acccess to the money owed to you by customers.  You can have immediate funds to pay for fuel and other supplies and have funds available for those cashflow ‘blips’ that confront all transport companies from time to time.

Our finance facilities range from £50,000 to £500,000.  This is not a loan, we are just advancing the money already owed to you.

The main differences between using us or using a more traditional bank facility are:

1) we provide more generous and flexible funding

2) our facilities grow organically with the business without the need for constant fuding limit reviews

Our charges will normally be the same as the equivalent bank facility

How Invoice Finance works for Transport - 5 Simple Steps

1. You deliver your goods or service and invoice your customer as normal.

2. You send us a copy of the invoice (uploaded via our online portal).

3. We make available up to 90% of the invoice value.

4. You decide how much you want to draw and we transfer funds into your bank account, same day.

5. When your customer pays the invoice, the balance (10%) is released to you. 

We provide a range of Invoice Finance facilities for transport companies:  Invoice Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Short term finance and Selective Invoice Finance. 

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