Finance for Media Companies

Posted: 26th July 2016

We provide funding against unpaid customer invoices, so rather than waiting long periods before you are paid for the project you’re working on, we advance capital to help ease your cash flow as soon as you raise your invoices.

Many Invoice Finance companies view media invoices as problematic and difficult to fund, however we have worked with many media companies and understand the nuances of the industry which enables us to provide funding that is simple and easy to use.

In most instances a Media business will work on projects and invoice in stages, taking a deposit up front before work begins. We will review your business and look to provide funding against the staged invoices – which is currently not available elsewhere in the market.

We have a specialist media team who look after our media Clients and they are always on hand to support you, especially if Invoice Finance is new to you and your business.

More about our Media Finance service

1. We support media businesses which are profitable and can produce monthly management accounts
2. Funding for staged invoicing is approved at 50% of the outstanding ledger. This means that if you have a sales ledger of £150k, you can borrow up to £75k
3. We can advance up to 80% funding on invoicing which is not related to staged billing
4. We take unsupported Personal Guarantees – get in touch here to find out more about this type of security.
5. Your customers have a good history of paying their invoices.

Enquire HERE and find out more about our flexible Media Finance solutions.