How easy is it to switch your invoice finance supplier?

Posted: 19th December 2016

If you have been with your current invoice finance company for a while it may be the time to look at other options in the invoice finance market to review your existing facility, and make sure that it is still the best one for you.

The issue here is that you, like many business owners, don’t have enough spare time, and switching provider is time consuming and a hassle, right? WRONG! If you are with another Invoice Finance provider and are thinking about switching, then we would love to help.

The average business using invoice finance as their primary cash flow solution, will switch at least once during their time using this service. These business owners state that the primary driver to switching is to make cost savings, however in a recent survey with our clients we found that the main reasons to switch to Macla was for more flexibility, increased funding and most importantly a more personal service.

So what should you consider when switching?

A) Seek a full review of your current invoice finance facility.
Speak with at least 2 other invoice finance companies including a bank and an independent provider.

B) List the good and not so good points of your current invoice finance facility – what would you change and why?

C) Read the ‘small print’ and always ask to speak to a couple of the company’s clients before making your final decision.

If you are considering a change, why not speak to us?

• We offer a bespoke and tailored service and your client manager is entrusted to make fast and flexible decisions
• We offer a free review of your existing invoice finance facility to show you improvements upon what you already have, or to give you peace of mind that what you currently have is the right solution for you
• You can trial a new facility with us for 3 months to feel comfortable that we deliver upon our promises, without the need to sign a long contract

How do we handle the transfer?

We offer a seamless transfer from your existing provider.

1) We review your existing facility and provide you with a bespoke offer.
2) If you choose Macla we’ll contact your existing provider and organise the transfer of your invoices to our facility.*
3) We will set up your online account and you will continue to access money throughout the transfer.

All of this will be managed by our experienced team – so you won’t notice any changes and the transfer will be seamless.
*Note if you are in the middle of a contract we can help negotiate your release or even contribute to any penalty fees that you may incur.

If you are would like to improve your invoice finance facility with a more flexible solution, please do get in touch and speak to our friendly experts today on 020 3555 4545 or contact us hereContact Us for Invoice Finance