Payroll & Recruitment Online Management (PROM)

Posted: 21st January 2015

Payroll & Recruitment Online Management (PROM) is a web based system to ensure that our clients and their temporary workers get paid on time. This is a secure online system designed to simplify and streamline payroll delivery and let us concentrate on the details.









  • Logging in is as simple as browsing to the PROM homepage and entering your login credentials. This presents you with your ‘Dashboard’ which includes a wealth of information from company data to a summary of your business’s recent performance.
  • PROM can be used as an online database of employee and customer records allowing you to centrally keep track of your workforce without the need to notify us explicitly of changes. This information can be browsed, filtered or searched to facilitate easy customer employee allocations. You can add, modify and access details at any time, day or night and any changes will be verified and approved by us.
  • When it comes to planning your timesheets PROM provides an interface to assign your employees to customers and specify days worked, overtime and expenses incurred. This information can be stored and altered until a timesheet is submitted for us to process, allowing you to use the system to plan your weekly allocations. VAT is auto-calculated for you, and any lines in which you are not making a profit are highlighted to reduce errors.
  • After a timesheet is submitted we will approve and process your payroll through the PROM system and produce detailed margin reports to show your current position. These are provided through a reports section in Payroll & Recruitment Online Mamagement which will also use live data to estimate your margin for active weeks.
  • If you work with consultants our advanced analysis tools will indicate how successfully they are performing and allow you to calculate their commission.
  • The current status of your Payroll Finance activity can always be viewed on your PROM Dashboard giving details of recent submissions, approvals, reports and a graphical estimate of your weekly margins as well as allowing direct access to common functions, such as adding employees, customers or viewing timesheets.

If you would like more information about our Payroll Finance for Recruitment companies then please contact us.