The Next Big Thing?

Posted: 24th April 2024

To put this into perspective think super foods.
A few years ago it was all about blueberries, goji berries and green tea to help keep us growing healthier, fitter and stronger.
Today, it’s all about the avocado – so much so, it even has its own emoji!

The same can be said for finance.

Years ago, the only thing on the menu for digital agencies to secure funding to support a constant cash flow was the inflexible bank loan. Agencies struggled to secure lending - the need was plenty but assets were sparse.
Yet today there’s an avocado of the finance world...
... welcome to the nutritious world of invoice financing! A sure fire way for digital marketing agencies to become healthier, stronger and support growth through flexible financing - paying you up to 80% of each and every invoice you send out, on the very same day!

Here’s how it works...

• Issue your invoice to your client, a copy goes to Macla.

• 80% advance paid the same day for each invoice.

• Macla’s team operates as your credit control/sales ledger department, ensuring prompt payment is made by your client.

• Invoice is paid by your client and the 20% balance is paid to you by us.

And if you’d prefer confidentiality, that’s fine too; simply choose our invoice discounting facility.
It works in the exact same way, however you manage your own credit control/sales ledger accounts. You are still paid 80% of your invoices within 24 hours, with the balance being paid once client payment is made. The client pays into a dedicated account in your name with complete discretion and confidentiality.

So if this is making your mouth water, get in touch with our specialist team today about our tailor made digital media financing packages.