Selective Invoice Finance

Posted: 30th July 2015

Selective Invoice Finance is a simple and flexible way to access cash by funding just one or more invoices - the choice is yours.

Factoring and Invoice Discounting facilities are usually whole of turnover arrangements where funding is provided against all of the company's outstanding customer invoices.

Selective Invoice Finance, which can be referred to as Selective Factoring or Selective Invoice Discounting, is particularly useful in instances where a business is trading with a large single debtor/customer. Businesses across all industries can take advantage of this flexible form of finance.

Selective Invoice Finance allows business owners to choose the invoices they wish to finance, when they wish to finance them. There are no long contract terms, no monthly minimum charges and cash can be accessed within 24 hours.

  • Businesses with seasonal ‘lumpy’ cash flow
  • Trading mainly with one customer
  • Offering credit terms between 30-120 days

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