Reactive Financing for Digital Agencies

Posted: 24th April 2024

Reactive Financing for Digital Agencies

• Easy

• Immediate

• Accountable

• Responsive

Think we’re talking about your next campaign? No, we’re actually talking about our invoice factoring and invoice discounting services.

We understand digital agencies rarely have large fixed assets, which means it’s hard to secure borrowing via traditional sources, a bank loan for example. Your assets are your knowledge and expertise. Commendable, but not bankable.

In a digital world that turns around quicker than you can blink, you’d think being paid would be near instant too. Sadly, that’s not the case is it?

When 60 days or more payment terms are considered the ‘norm’ in the digital agency world controlling the shortfall in your cash flow is easier said than done. You need the Midas touch when it comes to making payment happen as well as the next big idea!

Well, whilst we can’t promise the Midas touch we can promise flexible and generous funding that that not only guarantees your cash flow retains liquidity but also reflects positively on your books! 

What’s more, as experts in the digital and marketing finance field we can tailor make packages to suit your business – whether the majority of your business is retained clients or ad hoc project work.

Let us turn the tables for a moment; we’ll pitch it to you...

Easy – you raise your invoice, you send it to us.

Immediate – you are paid up to 80% of your issuing invoice on the same day; with the 20% balance paid once client payment has been received.

Accountable – we act as your credit control/sales ledger department so you are safe in the knowledge that your cash flow is secure.

Responsive – generous and flexible funding that grows as your business does, with funding available of up to £500,000.

The two options – invoice factoring and invoice discounting - are similar in their offering. The difference being that invoice factoring offers a complete credit control service, whilst with invoice discounting our involvement is confidential and you manage your own credit control.

Our bespoke media funding offerings means you have a solution to your cash flow management problems. And as market leaders in the financial digital media industry you will have complete peace of mind that we understand you and your business.