“We wouldn't have got this far without Macla”

Posted: 7th August 2017

We wouldn’t have got this far without Macla!” This is what Jason Tipple, Managing Director at Creative Steel Solutions, has said about his invoice factoring finance solution from Macla Money.

As a supplier to the construction industry, Jason was, like many others, at the mercy of late paying customers. His sales turnover was growing fast, and there was pressure to replenish stock and pay suppliers on time. Yet when his customers were taking over 2 months to pay their bills, this was easier said than done.

However, his cashflow problems were quickly sorted when Jason got in touch with Macla to discuss the various invoice finance solutions available to him.

Having experienced a meeting with an unwilling and unhelpful Bank, I got in touch with Macla Money. Their approach was completely different. They wanted to help.”

Going down the factoring route has been the best thing for our business. It means we are only borrowing money on what we’ve earned, not money we don’t have. That sort of financing gives me the security of knowing I’m not getting into debt, that nothing will ‘come back to haunt me’ if things take a turn.”

We get paid on our invoices within 24hrs so my cash flow is always where I need it to grow. That cash is there in an instant. It really kicked started the business off onto bigger and better things. There’s no stopping us now and truly we can say that Macla have played a massive part in that!”

I’d definitely recommend Macla to businesses who want to expand, get control of their cash flow and have near instant access to working capital; without the headache that comes with bank loans and overdrafts.”

Funnily enough the bank has come back and said they could help us now. No thanks, we’ll be sticking with factoring!”

Our award winning team can help your business regain control of your cash flow, bringing
financial stability. Talk about our range of factoring options available, including invoice factoring, invoice discounting and, ideal for suppliers to the construction industry, selective invoice finance.

Macla Money – Business Money Magazine Winners for ‘Best Smaller Invoice Financier 2017’

Image courtesy of hywards at FreeDigitalPhotos.net