Back Office Support – what are the solutions and which service is best?

Posted: 11th September 2015

As a temporary recruitment agency you will often need to make a decision whether to outsource your back office to a service provider or manage this yourself? If you decide to use a back office solution, which one is right for you? Most back office support companies offer a mix of the following services:-

Credit Control
Customer Credit Checking
Bad Debt Protection
VAT Administration
Management of Auto Enrolment and Intermediary Reporting

Once you have chosen the back office services you would like to use, how do you decide which provider is the right partner?

1. Back Office Services & Products

It is important to fully understand the exact service you will receive. Will the invoices be raised on your company letterheads, using your logo? Or will they be sent on the back office provider’s own paperwork using their brand not yours?
Will your temporary workers be working for you or for the back office provider?
Do they provide payroll finance or do they only manage this for you through a 3rd party?
If you choose credit control, is this done by the back office provider or do THEY outsource this?

We can help you decide which back office support solution is right for you, please contact us today and speak to our friendly team.

2. Terms

Do they offer a long contract or is it flexible? What are their fees – are they easy to understand?
Do there appear to be extra ‘add-on’ fees in the small print?
Do they use jargon or are the terms simple and transparent?

We will happily talk you through our terms and help you compare these against any offers you have received, so whether you choose us or not, you have peace of mind that you are making the right decision. Contact Us here to speak to someone today.

3. Clients

Speak to a few clients who currently use the back office support provider you are considering.
a. What was their experience?
b. How supportive and flexible have they been?
c. Are they accurate?
d. What is their back office system like – can you do a demonstration beforehand to check ease of use? (We have put together a video here on how our back office system works, which you might find helpful).

You can read a few of our Recruitment Clients stories here to learn their experience of working with us.

It is important to trust your new back office partner and to ensure the service they offer will meet your needs so you can concentrate on growing and making a successful business. We would love to chat through the options with you anytime.