Macla Money Bring the ‘Right Tools to the Job’ for Onsite Labour Solution’s Recruitment Finance Needs

Posted: 30th May 2017

Building a fluid bank balance can be tough. You need the right tools for the job. And that’s what Onsite Labour Solutions have, thanks to Macla Money’s recruitment factoring.

A payroll finance answer that secures money on issued but unpaid invoices, cementing their cash flow so it’s fluid at the start but also the end of a job.

Here, Jamie Elliott, Company Director, tells us why recruitment agency finance with Macla Money brings peace of mind to Onsite Labour Solutions.

“We’ve been using Macla Money for our invoice recruitment factoring for over seven years. Before that we were getting this service from a major high street bank.”

Macla’s hands on approach was like a dream compared to the nightmare we were having with the bank. The bank treated us like any other customer, without any personal service or real understanding of the industry we’re in. There was no discussion over changing the finance payroll service to better meet our needs when business changes arose. To be honest, it was ‘their way or the highway’.”

“There was no leeway in what we could and couldn’t do. We felt trapped and there were too many restrictions. There wasn’t any scope for movement and we felt that was going to have a big impact on us growing as a business.”

“When the recession hit the building trade a few years back they imposed caveats on the customers we could and couldn’t deal with. We would credit reference and score our customers and the majority would come up clear. But the bank would run their own independent checks and if they got flagged up they refused to allow us to deal with them. This actually meant we were turning away customers. Where’s the sense in that?!?! To my mind that’s unheard of, for any business. We were practically handing customers to our competitors.”

Macla on the other hand are always willing to talk and to discuss ideas. They seem to really understand the recruitment business; better than many other invoice financing companies. Because of this we don’t feel we are justifying why we can and can’t do things and why we might need to make changes to our operations. They just get it.”

They are friendly, always at the end of the phone and if we want a face-to-face meeting that’s not a problem either.”

“We know Macla have our best interests at heart and that knowledge is priceless.”

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