How Is Your Business Cashflow - Festive Cheer or Cashflow Woes?

Posted: 30th November 2024

Christmas is a time that has most of us feeling very ‘merry’ indeed; excited about the festive season, shopping, seeing friends and family, and a few days off work.

However, for many SME businesses across the UK, this time of year is a HUGE cashflow worry. Where is the money coming from? Is there enough working capital left in the bank? Will client invoices be paid on time during this typically seasonal low?

However, these things needn’t be a worry with our alternative financing.

Here at Macla Money we have a range of Cashflow management finance options that secure working capital for businesses, bringing both security and peace of mind.

They are far more flexible and convenient than a bank loan or overdraft facility.  They are cost effective and can be arranged quickly and easily.

Invoice Factoring
Even though you might have 30 day credit terms, most businesses have customers that take much longer to pay... it may be 60 or even 90 days before you see the cash. 

  • With invoice factoring you don’t have to worry about waiting to be paid.
  • Instead, you send us a copy of the invoice and we advance you up to 90% of its value within 24hrs. 
  • We take the pressure off for you as we manage the credit control and collections too.
  • Once we have payment from your client we issue the remaining 10% balance to you (minus our charges) again within 24hrs.

So popular is invoice factoring that over 40,000 SME UK businesses use these facilities.  Its appeal is that you aren’t “borrowing”, you are simply drawing funds from money you are already owed.

We also offer a similar facility that is not disclosed to your clients – this is confidential invoice discounting.

And if you only want to factor your invoices during seasonal lows – like Christmas – you can choose our selective invoice factoring facility whereby you choose which invoices you factor.  Hugely convenient and flexible.

ICON – In Case of Need
This is the ‘just in case’, or as we call it, the In Case of Need ICON  finance facility which gives your business the peace of mind that the finance has been pre-approved and is ready for you to draw on as and when you need it. 

  • With funds of £50,000 up to £500,000 you won’t have any worry, when times are hard or you’re in need of ‘hard cash’ and now! 
  • That’s because your funds have been pre-approved.  When you need them they are transferred within 24hrs.   
  •  If you don’t need to draw on the fund, that’s fine too.  We have a number of clients that have never drawn on their ICON facility, but take security from the knowledge they have it should they need it. 
  • There is a small, monthly charge for us approving and managing the facility. If and when you do use it you can pay it back at a time that’s right for you.  Once it is paid back the facility reverts back for when you need it again.

So speak to one of our highly experienced team and see what finance facility is best for you and your business.  With no obligation, and clear and transparent terms, let us bring peace of mind to your business in this time of peace and good will.